Sberbank’s Ural branch empowers its ATMs

15 January 2009 (07:53)

Sberbank’s Ural branch recently made more options available via its ATMs and self-service devices located within Sverdlovsk Region. For one, the bank’s private borrowers can now make their loan payments using an ATM or an information & transaction terminal in any city in the region, regardless of where the loan was obtained. This is naturally much more convenient than having to use the ATMs of only the same subsidiary where the sum was originally borrowed, as the case had been before (Yekaterinburg used to be the only exception to this rule.).

‘The new service means the bank’s customers can pay off their loans anywhere at any given moment, which is extremely handy for those who tend to spend a lot of time outside the town where their loan was processed. Sberbank of Russia has the most extensive ATM network in the Urals: there are about 1,000 terminals in Sverdlovsk Region alone,’ the spokesperson for the bank reports.

The loan-paying option will soon become available in Chelyabinsk and Kurgan Regions and in the Republic of Bashkortostan as well.

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