763 companies open deposits at UBRD in December

12 January 2009 (09:01)

763 companies from ten Russian regions opened a deposit at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The bank’s press officer reports the number of deposits opened by legal entities and sole traders was a record-setting figure throughout the bank’s entire eighteen-year-long history.

‘The number of deposits opened in December was greater than our most optimistic analysts could imagine. We hope we manage to retain this achievement this year as well, and we are glad that such advantages of using our bank as free e-banking installation, online payments, and united cash services system were appreciated so highly by our customers,’ says one of the bank’s department directors Vasiliy Zaguta.

‘The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is grateful to all the companies that have chosen us, especially because every opened deposit contributes to the donations collected to support the local orphanages. The bank gives 100 RUR away to charity every time a new deposit is opened, so the orphanages are to get 76,300 RUR for December 2008,’ the bank reports.

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