Most passengers prefer table wine, Ural Airlines says

11 January 2009 (10:11)

The company’s customers have eaten the contents of 1,550,517 lunch boxes and read 180,000 copies of Ural Airlines Magazine aboard the carrier’s planes since January 1, 2008. In addition, 3,515 bottles of air fresheners, 428 liters of liquid soap, and 1,687,500 wet wipes have been used in flight.

As far as the strong drinks offered aboard the plane are concerned, vodka, of which 814 liters have been drunk this year, was the third most popular drink, preceded by cognac, of which 1,045 liters have been consumed altogether. Table wine has definitely been this year’s most wanted strong drink: Ural Airlines’ passengers have drunk 17,185 liters of it since January 1, 2008.

Given the predicted 25% increase in the company’s passenger turnover next year, the airline expects its customers to drink 1,017.5 liters of vodka, 1,306.25 liters of cognac, and 21,481.25 liters of wine in 2009.

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