98 tons of poisoned pork send to Yekaterinburg

18 December 2008 (09:25)

‘Over 100 tons of Irish pork poisoned with dioxin happened to be delivered into various Russian regions. Yekaterinburg received the lion’s share of this meat, that is, 98 tons. Russia was one of the countries to get the greatest amounts of poisoned pork,’ says head Gennady Onischenko, head of Rospotrebnadzor (the state consumer rights watchdog).

Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) reported on December 6, 2008 that their lab tests of feeding stuff and lard samples carried out on September 1, 2008 revealed enormous dioxin content in both. The amount of poison in the samples exceeded the maximum permissible limits by 200 times, the press officer of Rospotrebnadzor’s Sverdlovsk Region division reports.

The meat delivered into different parts of Russia used to be stored in Leningrad Region. All the regions have been notified about the need to have the meat confiscated, Yekaterinburg municipal council reports.

The experts keep on locating the shipments of poisoned meat in the country’s turnover.

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