MMK wins in landscaping contest

15 December 2008 (09:43)

Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) won in the first municipal landscaping contest. The competition was held for the industrial, building, and production enterprises; these were assessed on the basis of their premises’ landscaping and site finishing level, the beauty of lawns of flower beds, recreational development, the availability and cleanliness of parking lots and rubbish bins, the exterior of the buildings, the design of a business’s sign plates and adverts, and the company’s participation in Magnitogorsk’s environmental and urban development programs. All the contestants had to prepare presentations, descriptions, and visual aids that could prove their landscaping and development efforts.

MMK’s PR Department reports the board of assessors spoke very highly of the company’s well-groomed premises, its environmental security programs, and its contribution to the town’s landscaping. MMK’s daughter enterprises were also praised: Magnitogorsk cement works was given the second prize, while MMK-METIZ was praised on its improved site appearance.

‘In terms of our business’s long-term development, MMK sees the creation of a safe and stimulation working environment as a very important thing. Today’s company is more than just unique machinery and technologies; we can also boast environmentally friendly processing, advanced recycling methods, modern buildings, convenient highways and railway, safe zebra crossings, green lawns, bright flower beds, and well-kempt alleys. In fact, as many as 245 hectares of the company’s 2,400-hectare site is occupied by the green. We spent over 286 million RUR, or about .3% of our expenses, on the landscaping in the first half of 2008. In addition, we contributed 11 million RUR to Magnitogorsk landscaping and development programs. The company’s winning in the landscaping contest proves that we are a business working for the good of the city and its dwellers,’ MMK’s PR Department says.

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