comes up with financial recovery plan

11 December 2008 (09:33) came up with its financial recovery plan, the bank’s official website reports.

‘Things have by now become smooth again. is busy implementing a whole range of financial recovery measures,’ the bank says.’s website says the agreement to this extent was signed by Deposit Insurance Agency, Probusinessbank (Life Group’s leading bank), and on December 4, 2008.

According to the terms of this agreement,’s financial recovery is to be handled by Probusinessbank.

According to their action plan, the bank’s management expects all of the bank’s services to be fully restored by December 17, 2008.

For one, on-the-same-day payment transactions for legal entities and greater amount of cash in the bank’s ATMs will be provided on December 10, 2008. Internet-Bank will become available to private individuals and legal entities again on December 11, 2008; so will Mobile Updates and the standard cashing limits in the bank’s ATMs as well.

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