UBRD goes through with payment transactions as usual

17 October 2008 (08:43)

‘Even though Russia’s financial system is struggling with the liquidity crisis, the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development carries out all the payment transactions for its business customers speedily and smoothly and in compliance with the existing bank-customer agreements. The scale of our business is in itself a guarantee of reliable and stable operation. Just like before, the standard settlement and cash service agreement provides for commission-free transfer of money into a customer’s account within fifteen minutes of the sum getting in the bank’s correspondent account. The intra-bank payments for customers who use the bank’s additional offices take no longer than fifteen minutes as well. In case such a transaction has to be carried out for customers who use the bank’s two different subsidiaries, the operation might take an hour at the most,’ the bank’s press officer reports.

Businesses with a settlement account at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development can benefit from the additional advantages of a settlement and cash service agreement, that is, save time and money when carrying out intra-bank payments for their contractors. Starting September 25, 2008, all of the bank’s customers’ contractors can set up an account, Internet Bank or Client Bank package free of charge. They can also buy the Partner package at half-price (more details are available at www.ubrr.ru).

‘Companies with a lot of money left in their settlement accounts that they don’t feel like transferring into a deposit can still make an income in the form of interest paid on the remainder of the money in one’s account,’ the press officer explains.

‘Thanks to its customers’ trust and support, the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development can still guarantee great quality of service. We thank our partners and customers for being so loyal. Our professional top managers, our middle management, and our front zone employees are doing their best to make our customers feel confident and safe when working with the bank.’

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