Aeroflot’s Moscow flights to be operated by Aeroflot Don

25 September 2008 (08:50)

Aeroflot Russian Airlines canceled the agreement it had signed with Aeroflot Don, its daughter enterprise, and announced the two carriers would no longer operated flights together, the spokesperson for Aeroflot reports.

Both airlines started using their own code and flag on September 20, 2008. Besides, D9 745/746 Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow, D9 733/734 Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow, and D9 899/900 Moscow-Chelyabinsk-Moscow flights that were formerly operated by Aeroflot will be operated by Aeroflot Don under D9 code using Aeroflot Don’s B737-500 aircraft from September 20, 2008 till October 25, 2008.

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