Svyatogor is Krasnouralsk’s major polluter, Ministry claims

28 August 2008 (07:54)

The region’s environmental committee’s latest meeting was dedicated to looking into the town of Krasnouralsk’s conservational agenda and the environmental program of Svyatogor, the town’s major polluter. The meeting was chaired by Sverdlovsk Region’s First Deputy Minister of Economics and Labor Vitaly Nedelskiy and Sverdlovsk Region’s First Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Galina Pakhalchak.

Svyatogor is actually responsible for dumping over 97% of all pollutants the town is suffering from, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead, arsenic and its compounds. The enterprise’s engineering manager Anatoly Melnikov reports Svyatogor will have come down to the maximum permissible discharge limits by January 1, 2009 (in accordance with the deadline set by the region’s government) through recycling more sulfur from the metallurgical facility’s exit gases.

The committee suggested that Krasnouralsk authorities should pay more attention to separation and recycling of consumption waste and set up more collecting outlets where people could bring their old newspapers and the like, while Svyatogor’s top executive was informed about the upcoming multi-faceted environmental examination next year.

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