SKB-Bank’s net assets exceed 38.6 billion RUR

18 August 2008 (07:40)

SKB-Bank came up with the results of its activity over the seven months of 2008. All of the bank’s development indicators have shown impressive growth dynamics as usual. SKB-Bank’s net assets, for instance, went up by 13.5 billion RUR, or more than 53% and reached over 38.6 billion RUR on August 1, 2008 compared to a year earlier.

SKB-Bank’s loan portfolio amounted to more than 25.8 billion RUR on August 1, 2008 against only 17 billion RUR on August 1, 2007. The bank managed to nearly double the amount of attracted investments in just one a year, with figures coming to 32.9 billion RUR. The share of private individuals’ investments in the total investment volume reached 12.5 billion RUR.

SKB-Bank’s own funds amounted to 5.049 million RUR on August 1, 2008, while the company’s share capital reached 1,351,145,000 RUR.

The balance of banks’ funds deposited with the Bank of Russia came to 115.2 billion RUR on August 14, 2008.

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