Park House gets fewer visitors

7 August 2008 (15:02)

Fewer people tend to choose Park House Trade and Entertainment Center for shopping lately; besides, a whole range of the mall’s tenants report their sales have gone down, says Park House’s Commercial Director Nadezhda Reshetnikova.

The executive believes this is a seasonal trend; some experts, however, feel there may be another reason for a decrease in the number of visitors: Grossmart hypermarket that used to be hosted by Park House has recently closed down.

‘The dropping number of shoppers and the less impressive sales figures for certain kinds of products both have to do with the summer vacations season. Park House is naturally suffering some losses, but this is something that happens on an annual basis anyway,’ Nadezhda Reshetnikova explains.

Chairman of Yekaterinburg Tenants Council Valeriy Balyabin says it might have been the closing down of Grossmart that led to a decrease in the number of the mall’s visitors.

‘Grossmart was Park House’s major anchor tenant that attracted a lot of customers, so it well may be that its disappearance has made the shoppers head for some other stores, which, in its turn, affected the general attendance of Park House,’ he notes.

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