Federal Antimonopoly Service looks into Yekaterinburgnefteprodukt and Lukoil-Permnefteprodukt’s case

Sverdlovsk Region’s Federal Antimonopoly Service keeps looking into the claim laid against Yekaterinburgnefteprodukt and Lukoil-Permnefteprodukt. The two companies are accused of price collusion.

‘Since we still need to obtain a number of documents from Yekaterinburgnefteprodukt, the hearing of the case has been put off until July 15, 2008. We are not going to postpone the case for long,’ Sverdlovsk Region’s Federal Antimonopoly Service’s department director Yulia Anisimova says.

The two previous meetings did not result in any decision, as more papers were needed. Yulia Anisimova reports that, should the two companies be found guilty, they will be ordered to stop colliding and will face administrative liability.

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