Okami Vostok should have checked car prior to selling, Autosun says

24 June 2008 (08:55)

‘Okami Vostok should have checked whether the air conditioner was working during their pre-sale preparation,’ Autosun car center reports.

One of Yekaterinburg-based Okami Vostok’s customers bought a Hyundai Accent with an air conditioner in March 2008; as soon as the hot summer days came, it became clear that the conditioner was not working. The car owner believes that despite the pre-sale preparation, the car sold by the dealer was initially defective. Okami’s experts think the faulty condition emerged in the process of manufacturing the car.

According to the unhappy customer, Okami Vostok claims the delivery and installation of the part needed to fix the problem would take between fourteen and forty-five days within applying for repairs.

Autosun’s experts observe Hyundai Accent cars’ air conditioners don’t get broken very often; however, the repairs could still take considerably less time.

‘As far as our center is concerned, in case a customer detects a problem, they take the car to the center for it to be tested. We thus determine the reason and put the customer on our repairs waiting list. The wait usually comes to two or three days, the repairs themselves normally take about two hours on average,’ Autosun says.

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