Ural Airlines gets another A 320

16 June 2008 (07:21)

Ural Airlines has recently received another A 320 airplane as part of the carrier’s five-year operational leasing agreement. Prior to arriving in Yekaterinburg, the aircraft was used by Air France and is now in the pink of condition. The plane will be used for operating Ural Airlines’ summertime flights as soon as on June 11, 2008, with the ‘maiden flight’ bound for Khojend, Tajikistan.

Airbus will then be used for flying to Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Blagoveshchensk, Moscow, and the CIS. A 320 airplanes are often used for operating chartered flights as well, since the noise level is so low that the long night-time hauls hardly affect one’s biological clock.

‘The advantages of A 320 airplanes are obvious. We chose them because they help us achieve our strategic goals and introduce new destinations that the Urals could only dream of before,’ says Ural Airlines’ CFO Kirill Skuratov.

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