RusRating gives URSA Bank’s 8th bond issue BB+

4 June 2008 (07:51)

RusRating estimated URSA Bank’s eighth bond issue at BB+ (Stable Outlook), which means that the agency sees URSA Bank’s financial affairs as satisfactory and steady.

The bank went through with its eighth bond issue (filing number 40800323В) worth 10 billion RUR altogether on April 17, 2008. 6.203 billion RUR worth of bonds was sold during the auction, while the annual interest rate was determined at 11.19% a year. Based on this year’s performance, the profitability of the issue is expected to come to 11.5% a year.

RusRating reports the bond issue’s rating is connected with the bank’s credit rating and the lack of factors that could enhance or minimize the risks.

Apart from this, the agency confirmed URSA Bank’s five ruble bond issues’ rating at BB+ in March 2008.

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