URSA Bank wins in IT Leader contest

22 April 2008 (09:07)

URSA Bank was able to win the 6th IT Leader National Prize in the Commercial Bank category. The bank’s Managing Director Sergey Shuvalov received the diploma commemorating the company’s significant contribution to IT development in Russia and a special badge of merit in the course of a solemn awarding ceremony in Moscow.

The annual IT Leader Prize is given to companies and their IT directors in order to bring their IT achievements into the limelight. To win the prize, a company has to come up with really innovational IT solutions, show particular progress in IT development, and prove its IT director’s personal and professional worth and his or her contribution to the business’s growth.

‘The competition was fierce, so it was all the more nice to know that URSA Bank actually won. We have established an infrastructure that ensures a doubling of our business output on an annual basis; we can also boast a multi-service data transfer network that connects all of the bank’s offices and an advanced data process center with a powerful IT team; our IT standards meet global demands yet allow us to do good job locally; finally, we rely on videoconferencing for inter-subsidiary communication,’ Sergey Shuvalov says.

The IT Leader Prize was founded in 2003; this year, prizes were given to a number of state bodies like the Ministry of Industry and Power Engineering and private enterprises like Mirax Group Corporation, MTS, X5 Retail Group N.V., and Yandex.

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