Governor of Sverdlovsk Region to take part in economic forum in Germany

17 April 2008 (09:17)

A group of delegates from Sverdlovsk Region, headed by Governor Eduard Rossel, is to take part in an economic forum in Baden-Baden, Germany, on April 16-19, 2008, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

The 9th Baden-Baden Economic Forum is one of the major international forums that the Governor normally takes part in every year. Eduard Rossel is going to make a report on Sverdlvosk Region in the course of the forum’s second section devoted to regions as the driving force behind the foreign economic cooperation and presentations of their foreign economic potentials.

In addition, the Governor is to meet Ernst Pfister, the Land Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Economic Affairs, in Karlsruhe. The meeting is aimed at looking at the results of the two regions' cooperation and coming up with plans for the future.

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