Sberbank sets up new lending center in Chelyabinsk

11 April 2008 (09:15)

Sberbank of Russia introduced its 25th Chelyabinsk-based lending center in April 2008. The new outlet can be found at 316 Sorok Let Pobedy St. and is meant exclusively for offering loans to private individuals. The bank’s experts can help customers find the most suitable lending scheme that would work best for them, calculate their monthly payments for them, assist them with the form-filling, and consult those who need professional advice free of charge. The new lending center offers the bank’s customers fifteen lending schemes to choose from, while this variety of schemes has been shaped to meet the needs of very different kinds of borrowers. People living in Chelyabinsk can now apply for a car loan, an emergency loan, loans needed to buy, build, or repair some property, a loan to pay college fees, and some other loan varieties. In addition, there are special offers for young families, students, and retirees.

The same office also houses a compensation center responsible for reimbursement of Sberbank accounts that were set up prior to 1991. Compensation payments are made from 10 AM to 7 PM on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Sberbank’s Ural branch keeps expanding its subsidiary network through setting up new offices on a regular basis. So far, 297 outlets have been launched in Chelyabinsk Region alone, with 57 of them located in Chelyabinsk proper, the bank’s press officer reports.

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