Region’s government thanks SKB-Bank for contributing to defense exhibition

2 April 2008 (08:03)

Sverdlovsk Region’s Government thanked SKB-Bank’s management for the company’s great contribution to organization and coordination of Russian Expo Arms-2007, the International Exposition of Armament, Defense Technologies and Ammunition, the bank’s press officer reports.

First Deputy Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government for Economic Policies and Prospective Development and the region’s Minister for Economics and Labor Mikhail Maximov expressed his genuine gratitude to the bank for the company’s willingness to cooperate, which adds to the country’s defense capabilities as well as to the Urals’ scientific potential’s development.

SKB-Bank’s press officer says the bank usually supports the exhibition, held annually at the firing ground located by Staratel settlement. Over 300 Russian and foreign enterprises usually take part in the exhibition, thus making Russian Expo Arms one of Sverdlovsk Region’s best known hallmarks.

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