Court of Arbitration hears UralTransBank vs. ROSNO

Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration is to consider two complaints (Ŕ60-3012/08 and Ŕ60-3039/08) filed by UralTransBank against ROSNO on March 28, 2008. Both cases are related to insurance payments.

‘As for the first suit (Ŕ60-3012/08), UralTransBank demands for 68,235.54 RUR in compensation, as for the second one (Ŕ60-3039/08), the bank wants to get 142,000 RUR. Even though the sums are not overwhelming, the thing is, the bank has already laid more than 200 claims against the insurer, so the total sum comes to a very tidy bit. I believe these two cases will be the main points on today’s meeting’s agenda, though cases Ŕ60-2048/08, Ŕ60-2142/08, and Ŕ60-2131/08 will be considered as well,’ the spokesperson for Sverdlovsk Region Court of Arbitration Yulia Kolyasnikova said to UrBC.

The two parties’ argument began as early as 2006.

UralTransBank, having insured its financial risks related to bad debt on consumer loans with ROSNO, claims they haven’t been fully compensated for the insured events they had because the insurer only paid them 20.3 million RUR instead of 60 million RUR, while ROSNO accuses the bank of failing to provide all the documents needed to class the contested incidents as insured events.

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