Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development improves business loan terms

27 March 2008 (09:03)

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development is now willing to consider loan applications from any entrepreneur located within the bank’s operating area. Besides, the amount of money one could borrow and the terms of paying it back have been both enlarged: the payment period for the Business Express scoring loan has been extended to two years, whereas the maximum amount of money the bank could give you now comes to up to 1,000,000 RUR if you haven’t got some nice credit record to produce and up to 1,500,000 RUR for the Simplified loan scheme and for any kind of unsecured loan. Moreover, the bank is now less demanding in terms of collaterals. The share of goods in the company’s turnover may now come to up to 70% of the required collateral.

Apart from than, one can now apply for both secured and unsecured loans (the sum might come to up to 1,500,000 RUR) and partly secured loans (with the collateral coming to at least 50% of the loan value).

An applicant for a loan will be able to get a loan on overdraft (whose terms are quite attractive for small and medium-scale businesses) in any region where the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s small and medium-scale business loan program is available.

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