SKB-Bank is region’s fastest-growing bank

14 March 2008 (09:17)

SKB-Bank was declared Sverdlovsk Region’s fastest-growing bank in terms of assets and the most successful one in 2007.
According to Expert RA and RBC Daily’s Russia’s Top 100 largest banks rating (based on the banks’ asset volume), the average growth rate of banks’ assets came to 44.1%, while the capitalization reached 57% a year. Remarkably, SKB-Bank was the only Ural bank whose growth in 2007 (62%) exceeded the whole system’s average figures. Moreover, SKB-Bank’s capital growth reached 74% a year and the balance sheet profit rose by 72% compared with a year earlier.

At the same time, other Sverdlovsk Region-based banks that were featured in the rating actually experienced some slowing down of capital growth or a drop in profits.

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