Banks to grow stricter on loans, METCOMBANK says

5 March 2008 (09:13)

'This year, the global liquidity crisis will keep affecting the banking community. Banks will focus on getting resources from both businesses and private individuals, as getting them on the international markets grew much more complicated. Therefore some increase in the interest rates might be expected,’ METCOMBANK’s Chairman Rustam Mamatov said to UrBC.

'At the same time, banks will grow stricter in terms of offering loans; the mortgage lending market will probably get rid of some minor players incapable of large-scale financing, while financial organizations without any resource shortage that have nice quality loan portfolios will be able to build up their shares of the market impressively. METCOMBANK, for one, is planning to fortify its leading positions on the deposit, mortgage lending, corporate lending, and credit card markets,’ he added.

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