Market is likely to improve soon, SKB-Bank says

'It’s true that the stock market experienced a downfall after reaching its highest-ever point, but the situation has been gradually improving over the last few days. January has been quite a peculiar month, as this was the time when RTS index plummeted down to 1,900 points after reaching 2,360.15 points as recently as December 2007. This drop can be explained by the U.S. economic problems, particularly in the business sector,’ SKB-Bank’s Trading Director Evgeniy Batuev said to UrBC.

'Most shares have been going up on the global markets lately, and many indices increase by a few percent daily due to the Federal Reserve System decreasing the rate by .75%, and the rate might grow even lower in the course of the System’s nearest meeting on January 30, 2008. This would further stimulate intensive market growth,’ he added.
'In the short term, we expect the stock market to be improving, but one can never afford to forget indices might go down again because of some bad news,’ Mr. Batuev warned.

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