Aviaprad might close down

Aviaprad might close down as soon as February 1, 2008 due to financial breakdown, UrBC’s sources report. Rumor has it the carrier owes some 1 billion RUR to a number of creditors, including Koltsovo airport of Yekaterinburg.
According to KrasAir, Aviaprad was thinking of selling the company as early as at the end of 2007.

‘Aviaprad’s shareholders suggested that we buy the business, so KrasAir and Aivaprad are now negotiating for the acquisition of the shareholding. We haven’t come up with all the details of the agreement yet, however,’ the spokesperson for KrasAir said to UrBC on December 7, 2007.

In the meantime, KrasAir is currently merging with Domodedovo Airlines, Samara, OmskAvia, and SibAviaTrans to become Russia’s third largest air carrier. Aviaprad hasn’t officially become part of the business yet. The potential failure of the acquisition deal might have motivated Aviaprad’s shareholders to try harder in terms of selling the company.

Koltsovo airport claims they know nothing of the possible closing down.

'For what I know, the carrier’s flights are still in this February’s timetable,’ Koltsovo airport’s PR Director Yulia Fedotova said to UrBC. She was unable to provide any data as to whether Aviaprad really owes anything to the airport.

At the moment, Aviaprad’s headquarters are still in Koltsovo airport and the carrier operates scheduled and chartered flights.

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