Most complaints come from customers of Autoland and Okami Motors, Yekaterinburg Consumer Rights Committee says

'Most complaints we receive come from the customers of Autoland and Okami Motors car centers, with a little portion of claims laid against some other motor shows. Quite often, car centers will sell low quality automobiles with certain drawbacks claiming that these cars are brand new. This is the most frequent complaint we here of,’ Chairman of Yekaterinburg Consumer Rights Committee Andrei Artemiev said to UrBC.

‘On the whole I believe the current inspections of car centers carried out by local customs and law-enforcement officers are both necessary and justified,’ he noted. In the meantime, most Yekaterinburg car centers are to undergo inspections related to tax evasion, undeclared wages, and violations of customs regulations as well as to the numerous complaints made by the customers who are unhappy with the sales procedures.

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