2,422,000 people employed in Sverdlovsk Region by October 2007

Sverdlovsk Region’s division of the State Employment Service reports the number of gainfully occupied people in the region came to 2,422,000 on October 1, 2007, with 3.2% of wage and salary earners employed within the agricultural, forestry, and hunting sector, 2.8% employed within the mining industry, 14.9% employed within the manufacturing activity sector, 10.5% employed within metallurgical industry sector, 3.3% are busy making machinery and equipment (excluding weaponry and ammunition), 3.8% are employed in the electricity, natural gas, and water production and distribution sector, 6.3% are in the building industry, 8.6% are involved in retail and wholesale trade, servicing and repairs of automobiles and motorcycles, home appliances, and personal demand items, 1.5% work in hotels and restaurants, 8.2% are employed in the transportation and communication sector, 1.8% are in the field of finances, 7% deal with real estate and renting services, 6.3% are employed in the guaranteed social benefit system, 10.6% are in education, 8% are in healthcare and social service, and 3.2% are employed in the housing maintenance and utilities sector and other social and personal services sector.

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