Raiders stealing assets of Bogdanovich Porcelain Works to get up to 15 years in prison

26 November 2007 (09:02)

Ural Federal District’s division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs completed the investigation of a criminal case that involved a group of raiders guilty of stealing assets of Bogdanovich Porcelain Works. It was revealed in the course of the inquiry that the company’s CFO (who was part of a criminal group) stole some 24 million RUR belonging to the plant and transferred the money into a fictitious firm’s bank account, allegedly as a way of paying for the newest equipment which, in fact, was nothing but scrap metal. This resulted in an overwhelming decrease in the volume of the company’s debts and eventually to its going bust.

Raiders were accused of fraud, trover, money-laundering, bribery, and perjury. They could now be facing up to fifteen years in prison.

The bill of indictment has been placed with the court by Deputy Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yu. Zolotov.

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