SKB-Bank gets on Yekaterinburg’s Top Leasing Companies list

29 October 2007 (08:46)

SKB-Bank’s group of leasing companies got on top of Yekaterinburg’s Top Leasing Companies List in January-June 2007; the list was compiled by the Delovoy Kvartal magazine, the bank’s press officer reports.

SKB-Leasing was rated Yekaterinburg’s No. 1 in terms of money given for the acquisition of new equipment: the volume of all transactions totaled to 330 million RUR. The company was also the city’s largest leasing company in terms of the total transaction cost (2.6 billion RUR per 412 transactions). Besides, SKB-Leasing was one of the three leading companies in terms of money given for the acquisition of transport and real estate, in terms of the number of subsidiaries, and the number of customers.

The total volume of SKB-Leasing’s transactions amounted to 772 million RUR in January-June 2007, which is 94% better than a year earlier.

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