Ural Airlines launches five new tariffs for Yekaterinburg-Moscow flights

24 October 2007 (08:15)

Ural Airlines has recently introduced five new ticket tariffs for its Yekaterinburg-Moscow-Yekaterinburg flights. The tariffs are shaped so as to meet the needs of five different types of customers. People living in Kurgan and Tyumen Regions can book and buy a ticket for Yekaterinburg-Moscow flight for 1,235 RUR. If any passenger books a ticket at least twenty-five and fourteen days in advance, it will cost 1,335 RUR or 3,435 RUR, respectively. Then, there is a special tariff for people with disabilities and those who accompany them during the flight. These people can buy a ticket for 2,800 RUR. The fuel fee is not included in the price of the ticket, the airline’s press officer reports.

‘Ural Airlines has always been a socially sensitive company, and we come up with special offers and flexible prices all the year round to make sure any customer has a chance to get where they need, be it a business trip, visiting one’s relatives, going to a health resort, or a guided tour. As for the latest changes in our tariffs, we’ve tried to consider the interests of people who live outside Sverdlovsk Region. Their incomes are well known to be generally lower than those of dwellers of Yekaterinburg. We were also thinking of people with disabilities. And the dropping of prices down to 1,500 RUR or less is the regular bonus we offer to those who book early,’ Ural Airlines’ Commercial Director Kirill Skuratov says.

Tickets can be booked and bought in any booking office; you get a special tariff discount if you provide the documents that entitle you to it; as always, you can also book online (www.uralairlines.com).

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