Russian Banks offer customers 10.968 trillion RUR worth of loans in January-September 2007

18 October 2007 (08:00)

Russian Banks have offered their customers 10.968 trillion RUR worth of loans in foreign currency since January 2007, the federal statisticians report.

Enterprises and organizations of all sorts received the lion’s share of this money, that is, 7,294.6 trillion RUR; natural persons were given 2,679.2 trillion RUR in the form of loans, or 25% of the total amount. Apart from that, the volume of interbank loans reached 665.4 billion RUR.

The volume of loans Russian banks provided their customers with went up by 24.8% in January-September 2007. Even though loans given to private individuals comprise only a portion of those, it was due to these loans that the growth was most noticeable. The Central Bank of Russia reports, for instance, that the volume of loans Russian banks have given to natural persons since the beginning of the year went up by 39% in January-August 2007 (from 2.1 trillion RUR to 2.9 trillion RUR).

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