URSA Bank gets on Russian Companies with Best Sales list

8 October 2007 (09:14)

URSA Bank was rated 300th on the Expert magazine’s list of companies with the largest sales figures in 2006. The bank sold 9.858 billion RUR worth of products and services last year, which is 65.3% better than in 2005. The bank’s growth rate therefore reached 188.1%, its net profit rose by 192% compared to a year earlier and came to 1.464 billion RUR, and its assets grew by 289% and amounted to 111.6 billion RUR. Besides, the bank’s equity capital went up by 426% and came to 15.021 billion RUR.

Russia’s Top 400 companies with the best sales figures featured by the Expert magazine sold 19.3 trillion RUR worth of goods and services altogether in 2006; their consolidated profit amounted to 2.7 trillion RUR, and their aggregate assets reached 34.5 trillion RUR last year.

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