Nikolai Patrushev calls for greater efficiency of anti-terrorist measures during elections

17 September 2007 (08:26)

A meeting chaired by the Director of Russia’s Federal Security Service and Chairman of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee Nikolai Patrushev took place in the Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District’s residency in Yekaterinburg on September 14, 2007. The meeting was attended by Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of Russian Federation President in Ural Federal District Vladimir Krupkin, heads of Ural Federal District anti-terrorist committees, representatives of the State Border Troops Committee in Ural Federal District, and executives from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergencies, the Federal Customs Service, the Federal Drug Control Service, the Federal Security Service, and Gazprom.

The agenda of the meeting covered issues like the challenges the anti-terrorist committees were faced with in terms of preventing acts of terror, and measures that needed to be taken to fight crime in the Urals’ frontier zone.

Thus the tasks of the anti-terrorist committees were worded as trying to enhance the efficiency of anti-terrorist measures as well as that of steps taken to provide public safety during the election campaigns and the State Duma elections themselves.

Some other issues were related to anti-terrorist protection of facilities used for production and transportation of gas and to ensuring more security in Russia’s frontier zones, including the one based in Ural Federal District.

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