Elita Travel says more Russians to go to Israel if visa’s not needed

4 September 2007 (09:42)

‘If Israel makes it possible for the Russian citizens to enter the country without any visa or at least makes it easier to get one, the influx of travelers is bound to increase dramatically,’ Director of Elita Travel Natalia Oborina said to UrBC.

‘There are very few people going to Israel at the moment. Many tourists have to give up the idea because of the need to collect enormous amount of papers and having to wait for a long time for the visa to be processed. This was the reason why our company stopped coordinating group tours to Israel. People who do go are normally those who have relatives living in Israel, since it’s much easier for them to get a visa; there are also a few travelers who have been prescribed a certain type of medical treatment in the country. I am positive that, once the need to get a visa is cancelled, Russians will go to Israel en masse; both the sightseeing trips and spending a holiday at the Dead Sea are sure to be very popular,’ Ms Oborina said.

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