Autonom Motor Show claims Geely Otaka cars produced in Novouralsk won’t compete with Russian ones

8 June 2007 (13:26)

‘Geely Otaka cars are not likely to be able to compete price-wise with VAZ 2110, 2111, 2112 cars or Lada Kalina. Firstly, a Geely Otaka car costs 300,000 RUR on average, which is about 60,000 RUR more expensive than Lada Kalina. Secondly, VAZ keeps improving on the car parts and kitting every year, bringing its cars in compliance with the European standards in this regard. This is why you wouldn’t think it very probable that Geely Otaka sedans are going to become Russian cars’ serious rival,’ Sales Manager of Autonom Motor Show Rishat Nigamatov said to UrBC.

‘Thirdly, Geely Otaka buyers might experience certain difficulties if they need to have their car repaired as spare parts will have to be delivered from China, which is both expensive and time-consuming,’ he said.

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