Governor of Chelyabinsk Region Petr Sumin invests 300 million RUR in healthcare improvements

4 June 2007 (12:12)

Since Chelyabinsk Region’s budget received 2.9 billion RUR more than had originally been planned, Governor Petr Sumin decided to invest 300 million RUR in healthcare development. The Governor called for elimination of hospital lines and illegitimate fees for medicines, bandages, and medical gloves that the patients are supposed to get for free. This is why most of this money is going to be spent on medications and hospital supplies.

As regards the waiting lines, part of the sum is to be invested in creating electronic patient databases that are expected to speed up the reception clerks’ work dramatically. Then, the patients will now be more specifically reported to pediatricians, physicians and doctors specializing in narrower fields, which is expected to help get rid of lines altogether. Then, part of the money will be invested in the region’s 9 orphanages hosting 750 children to ensure their better nourishment. Finally, local clinics are going to have new fire alarms installed, the spokesperson for the Governor reports.

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