Rostourism says only five Sverdlovsk Region-based travel agents get on United Federal Register

31 May 2007 (13:58)

Rostourism has recently updated its lists of travel agents who managed to submit all the right applications and get on the United Federal Register. Only five Yekaterinburg-based ravel agents were actually able to make it: Ural Travel Company Ltd., Europort Ltd., More Travel Russian Club Ltd., Mega Tour Travel Company Ltd., and ProfService Ltd. The rest have only got until June 1, 2007 to apply for the registration.

'Beginning from June 1, 2007, unregistered travel agents will no longer be able to operate on the market. In case they try to, they will have to face a criminal suit and an accusation of illegal entrepreneurial activity. The companies who really care about their customers have already made sure they submit all the papers and get on the list,’ Rostourism’s press secretary Denis Lazarev said to UrBC.

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