Greatest number of mortgages offered in Sverdlovsk Region in January-March 2007

28 May 2007 (08:21)

The number of mortgages offered by Russian banks altogether in the first quarter of the year exceeded the figures for the first quarter of 2006 by 4% and reached 82.3 billion RUR. This comes to 32.9% of the target figures for 2007 (250 billion RUR). The average interest rate came to 14% for ruble loans and to 11% for foreign currency loans.

The Central Bank of Russia reports Central Federal District’s share of mortgages amounted to 23.4 billion RUR, that of Siberian Federal District to 15.5 billion RUR, that of Volga Federal District to 15.1 billion RUR, that of Ural Federal District to 11.3 billion RUR, that of North Western Federal District to 9.5 billion RUR, that of South Federal District to 5.3 billon RUR, that of Far East Federal District to 2.5 billion RUR. Moscow Region, with its 5.2 billion RUR worth of the loans offered, Moscow with its 12.6 billion RUR, Saint Petersburg (whose share comes to 5.5 billion RUR), Samara Region (whose share comes to 2.4 billion RUR), and Sverdlovsk Region with its 2.7 billion RUR had the greatest numbers of mortgage loans processed in the first quarter of 2007.

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