Ural Customs Administration files criminal suit against offenders smuggling 400,000 RUR worth of consumer goods

Alapaevsk Customs and Yekaterinburg Customs (both parts of Ural Customs Administration) filed a criminal suit against a group of offenders who were trying to smuggle some consumer goods, Administration’s press officer reports.

As it happens, one of the regional profit-making organizations placed its cargo manifest with Yekaterinburg Customs; the cargo in question was a railway carriage going from Rezh station to Tajikistan. The paper stated that there was pine carving wood and linoleum inside. The obligatory check, however, revealed that the actual weight of the alleged linoleum was much greater than that declared. Moreover, there were some consumer goods hidden underneath the packs of linoleum that had never been documented. The cost of the goods has been estimated at 400,000 RUR, which is classed as an amount of money large enough to take legal action.

The customs officers managed to identify the people behind the crime; these were some Russian and Tajik citizens, who have been charged with organized smuggling; the goods were withdrawn and placed with the customs control.

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