joins Association of Regional Banks of Russia

4 May 2007 (14:40) joined the Association of Regional Banks of Russia (Association ‘Russia’) after the latter agreed to accept the company and provided it with a membership certificate (No. 419).

‘Professional unions of bankers are the crucial foundation for rapid and stable development of a country’s financial and crediting institutions. Any bank depends on its counterparts as well as on the functionality of the entire system. Bank guilds help to make this unwritten interdependency law work and promote the establishment of a win-win working environment,’ says’s BOD Chairman Boris Dyakonov.

Association of Regional Banks of Russia was founded in 1990 to become the first All-Russian banking union. It comprises over 400 banks spread throughout the country and seven committees responsible for 1) banking legislation, 2) IAS and Basel II, 3) corporate management, 4) lending mortgage development, 5) promoting inter-bank cooperation, 6) coordinating the performance of credit reporting agencies, and 7) improving the payment systems, as well as two working teams whose duty it is to make banking services more accessible through the opportunities post offices have to offer and to handle the issues related to collection agencies that belong to the Association of Regional Banks of Russia.

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