West Siberian Metallurgical Industrial Complex assesses its conservational activity in January-March 2007

26 April 2007 (12:59)

West Siberian Metallurgical Industrial Complex (part of Evraz Group) assessed its conservational activity in January-March 2007. 22 of its departments underwent internal environmental audit procedures which proved that the state of events in the field of conservation was much better than a year earlier. Over 115 executives and experts attended professional development workshops devoted to hazardous waste management, environmental management, environmental safety, and rational nature management.

The company also renovated a number of facilities in the coal-cleaning plant, one of the coking plants, equipment meant for recycling of fine coal dust and for filtering manufacturing water. Some of these projects were part of a long-term program aimed at protecting the local water. The program was supported by Kemerov Region Administration and is supposed to last up to 2012. It has taken up 50 million RUR worth of investments out of the allotted 2.3 billion so far.

The company is now operating at its record-setting 1989 level, whereas the amount of harmful emissions nearly halved, with 88 million cubic meters of water used for manufacturing purposes saved every year. What is more, only 1% (compared to 8% in 1989) of this water is taken from the local rivers; the rest is supplied through re-used water and 43 close production cycles. The plant owns 400 dust-catchers, a 5-million cubic-meter pond, and a landfill. The conservational program will make it possible to significantly reduce the harmful effects of the company’s activity.

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