Industrial production index goes up 18.6% in March 2007

24 April 2007 (12:58)

Sverdlovsk Region’s industrial production index went up 18.6% in March 2007 against a year earlier, regional statisticians report. The region produced 29.9% less vegetable oil and animal fats, the number of trucks went down 29.5%, medical equipment production dropped by 10.8%, that of electric equipment by 10.2%.

Among the greatest growth areas were production of machines and equipment (53.7%), cosmetics (34.4%), plastic items (34.3%), furniture (29.6%), radio and television equipment (25.5%), soft drinks (19.8%), metal goods (18.7%), dairy foods (18.5%), metallurgical commodities (12.3%), processing and preserving of potatoes, fruit and vegetables (34.8%) and of fish and seafood (19.2%).

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