Further increase in wholesale fuel prices to affect retail ones, claims Nikolai Kuzin of SverdlovskNefteProduct

5 April 2007 (14:54)

‘The local wholesale fuel prices tend to go up; the average petrol price has grown 14% since February 2007, and diesel fuel has risen by 6%,’ General Director of SverdlovskNefteProduct Nikolai Kuzin said to UrBC.

‘Further increase in wholesale prices will possibly affect the retail ones, although it’s hard to say right now just how the retail prices will change,’ Mr. Kuzin said.

According to Vedomosti newspaper, the rising global oil prices and the seasonal growth of domestic demand made prices rise dramatically: they soared 25% last month, which might mean having your car filled at a gas station may become more expensive as early as April.

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