URSA Bank hits Top 30 Most Frequently Mentioned Russian Banks rating

4 April 2007 (14:00)

URSA Bank hit 19th in Top 30 Russian Banks rating prepared by Medialogia, the special mass media analysis and monitoring system, with the number of newspaper reports related to a bank within the period of March 1-20, 2007 used as the basic criterion. URSA Bank has been referred to 225 times (excluding ads). SibAcademBank and Uralvneshtorgbank (these two merged to become URSA Bank last December) have always been present on this Top 30 list in different positions, yet this is the first time URSA bank has ever managed to hit the rating on the basis of press accounts, which means the media have been paying special attention to Russia’s most dynamically developing network bank.

URSA Bank management held a press conference in Moscow on March 20, 2007 to speak on the bank’s achievements. This resulted in 47 newspapers reports published between March 20 and March 23, 2007, the bank’s press officer says.

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