SKB-Bank now accepts payments made to other companies

2 April 2007 (10:12)

SKB-Bank has recently signed a number of payment transfer agreements with local companies and organizations. One can now make payments to Sverdlovsk Region Information and Tourism Center, GlavTour Ltd., Co-owners of 63 Furmanov St., Co-owners of 3/1 Rodonitovaya St., Co-owners of 62 Krasnoarmeyskaya St., Co-owners of 51 Slavyanskaya St., and Co-owners of 18 Mendeleyev St., as well as to most local colleges, mobile and landline operators, reports the bank’s press officer. One can also pay one’s housing bills, realtor’s and insurance fees, and rent. The service is available at any of SKB-bank’s nineteen offices.

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