Federal Communication Surveillance Agency executive accused of bribe-taking

Yekaterinburg’s law-enforcement officers revealed that one of the Federal Communication Surveillance Agency executives accepted bribes, reports Valeriy Gorelikh, the press officer of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs.

‘The officers searched the headquarters of the agency’s regional division at 39 Lenin Ave. and withdrew some papers that prove the agency’s executives are corrupt,’ Mr. Gorelikh noted.
‘One of them used his position to make local companies dealing in communication services include his relatives in the list of founders. The name of the offender is withheld for security reasons for the time being,’ he says.

‘The accused was taken to Yekaterinburg Department of Internal Affairs right from his office and then interrogated, but he was not able to say anything because of a hypertensic stroke he had. The man had to be taken to hospital, and his life is out of danger at the moment. As soon as he leaves the clinic, the investigation will resume. Our officers have already filed a criminal suit against the offender, charging him with bribery. The case is being supervised by Mikhail Nikitin, Head of Sverdlovsk Region Department of Internal Affairs. Now they have to find out how many bribes the accused actually accepted and how many crimes of this kind he could be guilty of,’ the press officer explains.

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