Socially important facilities of Egorshinksiy radio plant are dilapidated

Sverdlovsk Region Government House hosted a meeting of the regional committee for compliance with the national projects on March 29, 2007. According to the spokesperson for Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, the agenda of the meeting covered free medicines to citizens on social benefits and drawing up papers needed for putting up more apartments. In addition, local executives and regional leaders presented their reports on the implementation of the national projects.

The committee was highly critical of the policy exerted by the management of Egorshinksiy radio plant (part of SK-Prom) based in the town of Artemovskiy towards some socially important facilities: a children’s summer camp, a sanatorium, and a ski resort are all closed down and dilapidated. The plant management was asked to look into the possibility of restoring the sites and reopening them in June 2007. Another possible solution would be to let the regional authorities assume control over the buildings.

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