Should supplies of Indian rice be limited, we’ll switch to other countries, reports Kupets supermarket chain

28 March 2007 (14:26)

‘We naturally offer some goods from India, but not too many, so possible limitations on the import of Indian rice are not going to affect our customers badly. As for sesame and peanuts, plenty of other countries produce these foods, and the difference is quality is insubstantial, so we’ll just switch to new suppliers. It will surely create certain problems since we’ll have to find some new partners, do market research and so on, but our clients are not going to notice any shortage,’ says the spokesperson for Kupets supermarket chain Nadezhda Buriko.

Rosselkhoznadzor (the state agricultural watchdog) intends to limit the import of rice, sesame, and peanuts from India beginning from May 1, 2007, which has been brought about by a lot of low-quality produce imported recently.

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