Sverdlovsk Region spends 1.7 billion RUR to support its agriculture in 2006

28 March 2007 (14:30)

Sverdlovsk Region Minister for Agriculture and Food Sergey Chemesov presented his report on the Agricultural Development Project in 2006 to the regional government, reports the spokesperson for the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region.

‘Money was mainly invested in such top-priority programs as rapid stock-raising development, support of small farms, providing young experts and other rural dwellers with affordable housing, improvement of technologies and upgrading equipment. The region spent more than 1.7 billion RUR to support our agriculture in 2006,’ Mr. Chemesov said.

‘Large, medium-scale, and small businesses produced and sold 361,800 tons of milk, 118,000 tons of meat and poultry, over 1,136 million eggs, almost 50,000 tons of potatoes, 247,000 tons of crops, and 35,000 tons of vegetables,’ the minister observed.

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