Gross regional product goes up 400 billion RUR in 2002-2007, reports Vladimir Semenov of Union of Sverdlovsk Region Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers

A meeting of Union of Sverdlovsk Region Entrepreneurs and Manufacturers took place in the Government House of Yekaterinburg on March 22, 2007, reports the spokesperson for the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region. In his report, Chairman Vladimir Semenov said that the gross regional product had gone up 400 billion RUR over five years (from 200 billion in 2002 to 600 billion in 2007). The investments in the Ural companies’ fixed capital rose to 133.8 billion RUR; the average wage of an industrial worker increased from 3,200 RUR to 13,900 RUR a month. The volume of foreign investments amounted to $1.36 billion.

88.5% of Sverdlovsk Region workers have signed their Collective agreements, and there are 63 two-party commissions operating in the region.

Head of Sverdlovsk Region Government Alexei Vorobiev commented on a number of unresolved problems such as lack of hot meals (only 60% of industrial workers are actually provided with them) and some companies’ failing to contribute to the national projects. Another challenge is posed by having to train skilled workers.

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